© 2016 - my harlem film, LLC

© 2016 - my harlem film, LLC


When Nathan and Langston meet one day under a Harlem church sign, both are equally outraged by the message against “White Homo Demons”. But a conversation about the underlying issue of gentrification in Harlem quickly leads to a misunderstanding, salvaged only by their individual ideas about Harlem, and their mutual attraction.

As we follow Nathan and Langston on their first few dates, we see the difficult and often playful conversations that ensue.  But, their journey becomes more difficult as two of their first dates are interrupted with the news of police shootings of unarmed Black men in Louisiana and Minnesota.  As they watch the live feed of a woman's desperate plea as her boyfriend lays dying, their different reactions to the politically-charged racial world ultimately divides them.

As the movement moves from conversation to protest in the streets, the discourse is guided by activists from the 1960s who implore that lessons learned in the Civil Rights Movement are applied to today, championing a spirit of song, love and non-violence. At the subsequent Black Lives Matter rally, Langston and Nathan finally see eye to eye on what’s needed to make their relationship a possibility, and how they can start to confront hate with love, beginning with the church billboard right in their neighborhood.

Writer and Director Jeff L. Lieberman (“The Amazing Nina Simone”) introduces audiences to a modern day romance, while confronting the tightrope of gentrification, race, and sexuality, set against one hot Harlem week in the summer of 2016 when the country erupted in protest.
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JOIN US and help combat hatred with love!